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What are Batching Plant Checklist


When users purchase concrete batching plant equipment, they need to read the batching plant checklist. On this concrete batching plant checklist, the configuration of all aspects of the concrete batching plant equipment is written in great detail. An important part of the concrete batching plant is the mixing host. The part of the stirring host directly determines the stirring performance of the equipment. At present, the most commonly used mixing hosts are twin-shaft forced concrete mixers, and there are also self falling mixing hosts. This type of mixer can adapt to mixing, has more types of concrete, and has better performance and longer service life.


batching plant checklist concrete batching plant checklist


The next major configuration part of the concrete batching plant checklist is the material weighing system. If you want to mix high-quality concrete, you need to carry out accurate weighing calculations on the ratio of various aspects of the concrete, so as to ensure the quality of the mixed concrete. The material weighing system includes weighing the aggregate, weighing the powder material and weighing the liquid. The exact weighing ratio of each part is different. For example, when weighing aggregates, the accuracy should be less than 2%, and when weighing water and powder, the accuracy should be less than 1%. The next important component is the material handling system of concrete batching plant. There are a lot of materials involved in mixing concrete. It is necessary to transport aggregates, powder materials and liquids. These three types of concrete materials can be transported reliably and safely at low cost using material conveying systems.

Another important part of the concrete batching plant checklist is the material storage device. The materials used in mixing concrete are different, so the containers for storing materials will definitely be different. The powder material is generally stored directly in a fully enclosed steel structure storage bin, and the additives are generally stored in a steel structure storage container, while the grain is generally stored in the open air. Of course, the grain storage bin can also be used for closed storage. storage. The last important configuration is the control system inside the device. The control system is equivalent to the central nervous system of this equipment. Users can control the configuration of concrete materials and the entire concrete mixing process through the control system. The larger the concrete batching plant, the more complex the control system will be higher.