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Batching Plant Mixer


As a large scale equipment, the mixing host is the core of the whole set of batching plant mixer equipment, and its selection is very important. As we all know, concrete mixers can be divided into drum type and forced type according to their working principles, but the mixer host of concrete batching plants generally adopts forced twin-horizontal shafts concrete mixer type. Why?


batching plant mixer batching plant mixers

While self fall concrete mixers sometimes have mixing cycles of 30 seconds or 45 seconds, which seem to be shorter than forced concrete mixers, the amount of mixing varies so much that the quality of mixing cannot be compared. If the same model of forced concrete mixer is of the same quality, the mixing efficiency of the forced concrete mixer in concrete batching plant mixer must be higher than that of the self falling concrete mixer. From the point of view of concrete batching plant equipment configuration, we do not recommend using the self falling concrete mixer as the host of the concrete batching plant.

In fact, even mandatory concrete mixers are different. We do not recommend choosing the JDC series concrete mixer as the host of the concrete batching plant. This is because on the one hand, the output of the JDC concrete mixer is not as good as that of the JS concrete mixer. On the other hand, JDC adopts pouring material, which will also increase the design difficulty of the concrete batching mixing plant, so we rarely use the JDC concrete mixer as the host of the concrete mixer batching plant.

Haomei Machinery’s concrete batching plant mixer has reasonable structure, safe and reliable operation, low energy consumption, good quality of concrete mixing and high efficiency. It has the dual advantages of stand-alone independent use and as a supporting host of the concrete batching plant.