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Concrete Batching Plant Mixer


Large scale concrete batching plant mixer is mainly composed of five major systems and other auxiliary facilities including the mixing host, the material weighing system, the material conveying system, the material storage system and the control system, like the general engineering concrete batching plant. The industrial control computer system is also used, which can be controlled automatically or manually, the dynamic panel of the computer in the control room can also display the operation of each component of the commercial concrete batching plant in real time, store various data of the commercial concrete mixer plant, and print each item report as required.


concrete batching plant mixer concrete mixer batching plant

However, the difference is that in addition to the five conventional configurations mentioned above, large scale concrete batching plant mixer also have some essential special configurations. What are the specific ones?
1, The control room of the large scale concrete batching plant needs to be equipped with air conditioners. The reason for this is to ensure the durability of the electrical components and the stable and reliable performance.
2, The large scale concrete batching plant needs to be equipped with a dual-machine control system, that is, the system is composed of two high-performance industrial computers, one as the main control production system, and the other as the management and monitoring system and as the backup of the main control production machine machine, as the master machine reminder has manual and automatic functions. The reason for this is that when one of the computers fails, it can automatically switch to another computer to control the system and continue to work, so as to ensure the continuous and normal operation of the concrete plant mixer equipment to the greatest extent.

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