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Concrete Batching Plant Quotations


The concrete batching plant quotations usually ranges from tens of thousands to million dollars, it depends on the scale of the concrete batching plant you want. The larger the concrete batching plant scale, the more expenses you need to invest. It is recommended that you go to the concrete batching plant manufacturer to find out the quotation of concrete batching plant. The quotation of concrete batching plant directly sold by the manufacturer is relatively transparent.


concrete batching plant quotations concrete batching plant quotation


Concrete batching plant has a wide range of applications. In order to meet everyone's needs, its specifications are also various. However, due to different production specifications, its technology and cost may be different. First of all, it is necessary to determine what kind of configuration to choose, the concrete batching plant quotations are different depending on the configuration. Next, we will quote separately according to the components of the commonly used HZS concrete batching plant, and then the user can add the price according to the configuration.

1, Concrete batching plant host cost:
Forced concrete mixers are adopted in HZS concrete batching plant, the discharge height of the main machine of the concrete batching plant is usually 4.1 meters, pneumatic discharge (there are also electric discharge and hydraulic discharge), including a full set of accessories such as walking platform, guardrail and feeding nozzle.

2, Concrete batching machine cost
The batching machine is of PLD type, and there are several types of two warehouses, three warehouses and four warehouses.

3, Weighing system cost
It consists of water weighing system, cement weighing system, fly ash weighing system and admixture weighing system.

4, Screw conveyor
There are two common types of screw conveyors: φ219 and φ273, and the standard length is 6 meters.

5, Cement silo cost
The cement silo is commonly used as a 100-ton cement silo or 50 ton cement silo.

6, Control system cost
There are two types of control systems: automatic and semi-automatic.

The above is all the concrete batching plant quotations calculate according to configurations for everyone. Users can add them in turn according to their own configuration methods, and then they can know how much it is to open a concrete batching plant. If you want to know detailed pricelist, please send us email, we can send you!