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Hot sale cement mixer with pump


The hot sale cement mixer with pump 30 and 40 m3/h is controlled by the remote control to automatically loading, mixing and pumping. The concrete is pumped through the pipeline to flow directly to the pouring site. The entire construction team only needs 5 people and a small forklift. In the construction process, a small forklift is used to feed the concrete mixer with pump. The mixing and conveying operation uses remote control, which saves labor and greatly reduces labor intensity.

cement mixer with pump cement mixer pump

The performance characteristics of Haomei cement mixer with pump machine are:
1, Adopting advanced and smooth s-tube valve to change direction
The concrete mixer pump can meet the transportation of fine stone concrete or commercial fine stone concrete, and it is not suitable for pipe blocking;
2, Glasses plate and cutting ring
Using high-hard wear-resistant alloy materials to ensure longer service life;
3, High outlet pressure
The high pressure of concrete mixer with pump can meet the transportation requirements of high-rise buildings and long-distance construction;
4, The hydraulic oil cooling adopts an air cooling system
The cooling effect is good, the use is simple, and it is not easy to pollute the oil;
5, Use stepless manual variable displacement
It can meet the different requirements of many users for the discharge speed;
6, Advanced wireless remote control function
Improve the remote control distance, facilitate remote control operation, and make the product more humane;
7, High wear-resistant concrete cylinder
Guarantee and increase the service life of the cement mixer with pump, and reduce the user's maintenance cost;
8, The main cylinder with chrome-plated inner hole of the new process
To avoid the problem of damage to the main cylinder due to dirty oil.