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China Concrete Plant For Sale


The China concrete plant for sale is welcomed on the market for high mixing efficiency, good mixing performance and low investment. The concrete mixing plant mixing host adopts a professionally designed mixing drum, the cylinder length-to-diameter ratio is reasonable, the strength and rigidity are guaranteed, the four spindle bearing points and sealing points are processed by a CNC boring machine, the structure is beautiful and compact, and it has the advantages of overload protection, water and external. The agents are separately pumped into the storage tank of the power station, which is controlled by imported pneumatic valve clack, and the action is fast and accurate; after metering, it is quickly injected with a pressurized water pump and thoroughly cleaned.

china concrete plant for sale china concrete plants for sale

In order to reduce the impact and pollution of noise and dust on the working environment, the JS type concrete mixer is equipped with a cylinder cover on the top of the tank. Although it cannot eliminate noise and ash pollution, it still has a good effect on noise and dust reduction, ensuring that the china concrete plant for sale equipment is in place. Under normal working conditions, it will not cause harm to human health.

The water pump at the concrete batching plant starts when the signal starts to pump the water from the pool to the metering bucket. When the weight of the water reaches the predetermined weight value, the pump stops working and completes the metering. When the pneumatic unloading butterfly valve gets the unloading instruction, the pneumatic unloading butterfly valve moves and opens the door to unload the water.

After the daily work of the china concrete plant for sale, the ash accumulated inside and outside the mixing drum must be removed, and there must be no water in the mixing tank to avoid rust or condensation on the blade and inner wall. After cleaning, the sewage should be poured into the puddle or drained from the drain, and must not flow from the side of the machine. The hopper of the concrete mixer should be placed in the lowest position and should not be suspended in mid-air. The power supply must be cut off and the switch box must be turned off to ensure that the mechanism is in vacancy.