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China js3000 concrete mixer for sale


The china js3000 concrete mixer belongs to a compulsory double shaft concrete mixer, and each discharge of 3 cubic meters is also called a 3m3 concrete mixer. The js3000 concrete mixer has a cycle period of 60S and can be used as the host of HZS180 concrete batching plant. JS3000 concrete mixer has stable and reliable working performance and is the ideal choice for customers. For concrete mixer manufacturer, the unique design for twin shaft concrete mixer structure can help the mixer have longer service life and better mixing performance.

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The unique design of china js3000 concrete mixer are:
1, Feeding device design
The inlet of cement, fly ash and other powder materials is located between the two mixing shafts. In order to better let the powder enter, JS double horizontal shaft concrete mixer has been specially designed to make the powder avoid the mixing shaft very good when discharging and enter the position between the two mixing shafts to prevent the accumulation of cement in the drum.

2, Water supply system design
The flushing point of double horizontal shaft js3000 concrete mixer has been carefully designed to ensure that the water supply system can be fully cleaned when cleaning the inside of the horizontal twin shaft concrete mixer, especially the key position, to ensure that no concrete residues remain, and special pressure pump is added during cleaning to improve cleaning efficiency.

3, Effective volume design
In the JS3000 twin shaft concrete mixer, the volume utilization rate greatly affects the mixing efficiency and the output volume. When the mixing shaft is mixed, it must be submerged under the concrete, and the concrete on the surface of the shaft cannot be solidified because of the failure to mix, which effectively solved the danger of stick.

4, Mixing arm design
The design of the arrangement of the mixing arm of the china js3000 concrete mixer can speed up the frequency of the large axial circulation of the material, and at the same time increase the reasonable counterflow of the material, thereby increasing the chance of direct contact between the material and the stirring blade and forcing action to eliminate the inefficient mixing area, thus to improve the mixing quality.