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Concrete Batch Mix Plant For Sale


Concrete batch mix plant for sale are used in some road paving, airport road construction, and municipal engineering construction. And its biggest feature is that the mixing performance is great and the mixing efficiency is quite high, thereby, the production time and cost can be reduced. The mixing capacity of concrete batch plant is about 25-240m3/h, so it can meet the concrete requirement of all size of construction projects. The characteristics of the entire equipment system of concrete mixing plant are mainly in three aspects: one is a single motor drive, which has the characteristics of stable work, impact resistance and overload resistance; the other is a special water supply system set up in the concrete plant to ensure the stability of water use, thereby improving work efficiency; Third, in the process of use, the utilization rate of materials is relatively high, which can effectively reduce the waste of resources and reduce the cost of materials.
concrete batch mix plant concrete mix batch plant

The concrete batch mix plant has certain requirements on electrical aspects. The concrete mixing plant wants to have good work efficiency. On the one hand, the concrete batching plant machinery must be maintained, and on the other hand, it cannot be separated from the support of the electrical system. Therefore, the electrical system requirements of the concrete batch plant are very high. The specific aspects are as follows:
1, Commercial concrete mixing plant requirements during production: the entire work flow of the electrical control system can be automatically controlled, that is, the management personnel of the entire concrete batching plant production site can complete the whole process without too many.

2, The electric control system is the weighing system of the concrete batch mix plant. When the zero adjustment output is set, it can automatically remove the tare weight and correct the drop. For the weighing of a single material, there must be a deduction function for more effective control. Measuring accuracy, and there must be a light alarm device.