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Concrete Batch Plant Price


The concrete batch plant price is very reasonable after comprehensive consideration of efficiency, concrete quality and labor cost. Concrete batch plant replaces manual mixing, improves production efficiency and quality, and is an essential mechanical equipment for modern engineering construction. So how much does it cost to build a concrete batching plant?

concrete batch plant price concrete batch plants price


The investment concrete batch plant price includes the purchase of concrete batching plant equipment, labor cost, land cost, raw material cost, etc. The price of concrete batching plant equipment ranges from tens of thousands to millions. It mainly depends on which model the customer needs. A simple small concrete batching plant is definitely cheaper than a large commercial concrete batching plant. The labor cost is still linear with the production volume of concrete batching plant, the basic salary may vary from place to place, the rest is the commission, and the commission varies from place to place. The land cost has a great relationship with the location of the customer's investment project. If you don't need leasing, you can save a lot of money. In cities, the cost of land will be very high. The cost of raw materials includes the cost of cement, sand, sand, crushed stone, fly ash, mineral powder, additives and other materials, which can be calculated relatively simply according to the mix ratio and the unit price of raw materials.

In the case of the same host, the commercial concrete batch plant price are also higher than that of an engineering concrete batch plant. First of all, it is necessary to understand the concrete output of a small scale concrete batching plant for self-use on the construction site. Usually, concrete batch plants with high frequency are used in small projects that are common in construction projects. For example, concrete batching plants of other types are small batching plants. If the demand for concrete is relatively large, large-scale batching plants can be selected. The output requirements are not too high, you can choose a smaller type of small batching plant for your own use.