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Mobile Concrete Pump


The key advantage of mobile concrete pump is the transition is convenient, and there is no need to rely on other equipment. Haomei Machinery mobile concrete pump have long boom and high pumping pressure, the core components of the whole concrete pump machine are imported original parts, such as hydraulic system, electric control system, etc., to ensure stable performance, reliable quality and long service life of the equipment. The chassis of mobile concrete pump can be choose according to your requirement.

mobile concrete pump mobile concrete pumps

High-performance mobile concrete pump equipment and correct use, there will be no blockage. Haomei Machinery’s concrete pump truck equipment adopts powerful hydraulic pump, equipped with large-bore oil cylinder, and has high pumping pressure. The design of the fuselage is smart, the outrigger covers a small area, and it is convenient to move on the construction site. The mobile concrete pump truck design integrates economy, reliability, safety and durability.

The performance features of Haomei Machinery’s mobile concrete pump are:
1, Energy-saving technology. When the system pressure reaches 12Mpa: the number of strokes reaches 29t/Min. Pump efficiency increased by 25% (max). Diesel consumption is reduced by 10%.
2, Anti-swing technology. Using the top rotation braking technology to control the amplitude of the boom swing, the swing amplitude of the boom is reduced by 60%.
3, The outrigger span is small, the boom is the smallest, and the opening height is low, which is suitable for harsh sites and has good passability.
4, Adopting the whole machine power matching technology, multi-arm compound motion control and other technologies, the whole machine is stable and reliable, and the work efficiency is higher.
5, The key components are original imported components from world-class brands, and are manufactured with the most strict and demanding production technology and testing process to ensure the high quality of each pump truck;
6, The concrete boom pump product has the characteristics of extremely small span, lighter vehicle weight, and higher outlet pressure.