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Concrete Batching Plant New


The concrete batching plant new equipment manufactured by Haomei Machinery have high mixing efficiency and low cost. The cost to purchase concrete batching plant equipment is the first part of the investment, and followed by site cost, electric cost and so on. The key equipment and process of production are the mixing host and the mixing process. The mixing host accounts for about 80% of the electricity consumption of the mixing motor system and is the key energy-consuming equipment in the system.

concrete batching plant new concrete batching plants new

Problems in the energy consumption of the concrete batching plant new mixing host:
1, The mixing process of the mixing host only takes about 60s. During the period when the concrete mixer truck enters and exits and does not mix the concrete, it runs at 50Hz and 380V without stopping the machine, resulting in waste of electricity. After understanding, there is no requirement for the no-load running speed in the process.
2, The actual speed of the mixing main engine during mixing is 10% higher than the process requirements, and the load rate is about 75%, and the speed and load rate are not used enough.
3, The mixer host of concrete batching plant is now star-delta step-down starting. The advantage is that it can reduce the starting current. The disadvantage is that the starting torque is reduced to 1/3 of the delta connection, the starting time is relatively long, and the time of the impact current increases, which affects the stability of the power grid and the safe operation of other electrical equipment. At the same time, the power frequency starting of the concrete mixer host has a large impact on itself, and the motor bearings are worn out, so the equipment maintenance work is complicated.

Energy-saving scheme of mixing host system in concrete batching plant new:
According to the above analysis, the power and speed of the mixing host are close to a linear relationship, and reducing the speed to reduce the power can achieve the purpose of energy saving. Inverter is a power control device that uses the on-off effect of power semiconductor devices to transform the power frequency power into another frequency. It has smooth speed regulation, wide range, easy installation and use, and low cost. Therefore, it adopt closed-loop frequency conversion speed control and energy-saving technology. The optimized solution greatly reduces the speed of the host system under no load, and appropriately reduces the speed of the host system under load. When carrying out frequency conversion transformation of the concrete mixer, considering the actual operation of the concrete mixer according to the characteristics of the mixing material and the time when other chemical substances are added, multi-stage speeds are set for control, which improves production efficiency and saves energy. The combination of vector control technology and PID adjustment technology is used for system control, so as to achieve better energy-saving effects of concrete batching plant equipment.