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Movable Concrete Mixing Plant


The main models of movable concrete mixing plant in Haomei Machinery are YHZS25, YHZS35, YHZS50, YHZS75, YHZS90, etc. The theoretical discharge capacity of identical model is the same as that of a HZS series stationary concrete mixing plant, and the price is more favorable. So the mobile concrete batching plant is a good choice for engineering use. Horizontal cement silo is widely used in various mobile concrete mixing plants, no foundation concrete mixing plant and other temporary concrete mixing plants, no foundation is required, and the overall height is greatly reduced.

movable concrete mixing plant concrete mixing plant movable

Since the movable concrete mixing plant is mainly used for road construction, it is necessary to frequently transfer the work site. Otherwise, the transportation cost of raw materials and concrete batching plant will be doubled, which will seriously affect the profit of the construction company and the cost of road construction. The mobile concrete batching plant do not need to do a lot of basic work, only need to level the site, or do a small amount of foundation, you can realize the commissioning of the concrete mixing plant equipment. Besides the movable concrete batching plant have the features of convenient transportation, fast disassembly and assembly, small engineering volume and shorter transition period.

The movable concrete mixing plant system is better, the electrical layout and wiring installation are fully considered and effective, and switches are installed in many places to reduce the risk of personnel to a greater extent. The operation of mobile concrete mixing plant is more reliable, the professional embedded computer, and the environmental adaptability are strong. The mobile concrete batching plant is generally used for engineering mixing, especially suitable for temporary projects, such as temporary road projects, small construction projects, construction sites with long engineering lines and professional foundations. At this time, mobile concrete mixing plants are a better choice. This type of concrete mixing plant equipment is equipped with rapid construction, purpose of special convenience, high degree of automation and intelligence, does not delay the construction period.