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Concrete Boom Pump Truck For Sale


The concrete boom pump truck for sale is a kind of construction equipment that integrates concrete pumping and cloth functions. The concrete boom pump truck has the characteristics of compact structure, high efficiency and flexibility. It is widely used in rural civil construction, township and new rural construction, bridges, water conservancy and hydropower projects. This is because there are many advantages of the concrete boom pump, it has its own boom and does not need to be equipped with additional pipes, so the concrete pump truck can be operated directly on site, saving a lot of preparatory work.

concrete boom pump truck for sale concrete boom pump trucks for sale

As a concrete equipment for rural construction, the price of concrete boom pump truck for sale is now recognized by the market. The price is always the most concerned issue of customers. Generally, customers will first ask how much the price of concrete boom pump is when consulting, but because of the model, the price varies depending on the configuration. No matter who you ask, there is no way to give the customer a definite answer. So before that, you must understand what type of concrete pump truck equipment you want to consult.

1, Boom length
The longer the boom of the concrete boom pump truck, the higher the price. At present, the boom length of the concrete pump truck with the largest market share is between 24-38 meters, of which 33 meters and 38 meters are the two most sold models. Of course, the specific size you need to choose depends on your own use. For example, 38 meters is suitable for building around 11 floors and below. Different lengths have different prices. There is also the material of the boom, which is critical to the service life and safety of the concrete pump truck.

2, Accessories
The selection of the chassis and boom of the concrete boom pump truck for sale, and the difference in many key components, directly affect the price. The chassis is related to your subsequent maintenance cost and horsepower. Just like you buy a truck, you will definitely ask "how much horsepower"; the choice of hydraulic parts, the difference between the domestic and imported price of a truck is relatively large (transfer box, motor, valve block, cylinder, etc.); the specific price may be determined according to your needs and the company's configuration.