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Concrete Mixer Machine For Sale


At present, the forced concrete mixer machine for sale is the most popular equipment in the concrete mixer market. The models of the forced concrete mixer include js500, js750, js1000, js1500, js2000, js3000 and many other models. Below I will introduce the working principle of the concrete mixer and how to load the forced concrete mixer and other relevant information.

The working principle of the forced concrete mixer machine for sale: the forced concrete mixer is mainly composed of two horizontally connected circular groove-shaped mixing drums, two stirring shafts rotating in opposite directions and a rotating mechanism. Several sets of mixing blades are staggered with a certain space in front and back, so that the mixture is stirred in turn in the two mixing drums. On the one hand, the mixture at the bottom and the middle of the mixing drum is turned upwards, and on the other hand, the mixture is pushed forward and backward respectively along the axis, so that the mixture can be stirred quickly and evenly.



The feeding principle of the concrete mixer for sale: the brake motor of the forced concrete mixer drives the wire rope drum to rotate through the reducer, and the galvanized steel wire rope is lifted up through the moving pulley traction belt, the upper vertical material rack rail of the hopper, and when it is lifted to a certain height , a pair of rollers on the hopper door at the bottom of the hopper enters the horizontal fork of the feeding frame, the hopper door is automatically opened, and the raw materials are put into the mixing tank through the feeding buchner funnel. In order to ensure that the hopper is in place accurately, a limit switch is equipped on the loading shelf. There are two limit switches for the limit position, each of which has a limit switch and safety protection function for the rising of the hopper. There is only one travel switch for the low limit. When the hopper is lowered to the bottom of the pit, the galvanized steel wire rope is slightly loose, the torsion spring lever mechanism makes the low limit position, and the hoist mechanism automatically stops. The low limit and torsion spring lever organizations are mounted on the top of the upper slide rail. The upper part of the feeding shelf can be stretched. It is connected with screws and stretched during transportation to reduce the transportation height.

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