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Concrete Mixer Machine


The concrete mixer machine is one most common used equipment in civil engineering construction. There are many models of concrete mixer which range from single shaft JZC350 to twin shaft concrete mixer JS4000, to planetary concrete mixer, which cover all the needs, household garden to ready mix concrete factory. The use of concrete mixer is increasing, and many construction machine manufacturers have begun to produce concrete mixer equipment. Therefore, the quality of concrete mixer equipment on the market may be different. What is the quality status of most concrete mixer equipment on the market?


concrete mixer machine mixer machine concrete

1. Through the use, screening and shaping of the concrete mixer machine of the concrete batching plant, the twin-shaft forced concrete mixer, the vertical shaft planetary concrete mixer and the conical reversing discharge concrete mixer have become the key equipment for various concrete mixing, and the mixing time is only 25-35s to meet the requirements of concrete homogeneity.
2, The concrete mixer has a strong overload operation capacity, and can still be started after overloading for 5s. When mixing cement and aggregate, the energy saving effect is outstanding, and it can meet the special requirements of long-term and generous production operation.
3, In order to meet the requirements of large-scale projects, generous quantities, and long-term continuous operation, the double mixer machine concrete batching plant is an independently developed product. The equipment adopts a double-machine synchronous control system and a computer management system.
4, The concrete mixer equipment has been able to mix high-performance concrete with the grade of c30-c120, and the metering accuracy of different types of additives can meet the standard requirements, ensuring that the mixing and transportation can achieve a generous, high-lift mechanized construction.

If you are interested in the concrete mixer machine, please check what capacity you need, because the concrete mixer price is different. The reason why the price is quite different is that different customers have different choices. For example, if the concrete mixer machine selected by a large manufacturer is selected, the price will be slightly higher than that of a small manufacturer, but the relative quality and service will also be better.