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Dry Batch Concrete Plant


The dry batch concrete plant is different with wet mix concrete plant, it doesn’t contain a concrete mixer in the concrete batching plant structure. So the dry aggregate, cement and admixture are batched in the concrete batching machine, there is no water in the processing, that is why does this kind of concrete batching plan called as dry concrete batch plant.


dry batch concrete plants dry concrete batch plant


In the used of dry batch concrete plant, a concrete mixer truck is needed, to transfer the dry mixture to construction site, but also to add water to mix into concrete. The precautions for dry mix concrete batching plant and key points of on-site mixing operation of concrete mixer truck are:
1, Verify the mix ratio multiple times to ensure the most economical application.
2, The water content of the sand and gravel aggregates must be measured in the morning, noon and evening of the dry batch concrete plant every day, and the amount of sand and gravel aggregates per cubic meter shall be controlled through the operating table, and the ingredients shall be strictly proportioned.
3, Each aggregate bin is equipped with a vibrating device to ensure smooth feeding. At the same time, ensure that all the aggregates on the belt are loaded into the concrete mixer truck.
4, The cement silo is equipped with a vibrating device to ensure that all the cement enters the concrete mixer truck.
5, According to the requirements of national standards, the vehicle mounted water meter and the scale of the dry concrete batching plant shall be checked regularly.
6, The on-site mixing of concrete by the concrete mixer truck is strictly in accordance with the on-site concrete mixing process of the mixer truck to ensure the mixing time; at the same time, an appropriate amount of admixtures should be prepared. When the water consumption has reached the design value, the slump of the concrete does not meet the construction requirements, increase the dosage of admixture appropriately.
7, In areas of high temperature and high heat, the silos and yards of the dry mix concrete batching plant should be provided with roofs for shading. At the same time, the stirring water should be cooled down. The surface of the concrete mixer truck should be covered with sacks, and at the same time, cold water should be poured over the sacks to cool down during transportation and mixing to ensure the temperature of the concrete when it leaves the warehouse.
8, On-site mixing of concrete by the concrete mixer truck is strictly in accordance with the construction process. After adding the admixture, it must be stirred at a high speed for more than 3 minutes (the mixing speed of the dry mixer truck is divided into three gears: slow, medium and fast).
9, The on-site concrete quality of the dry batch concrete plant shall be the responsibility of the experimenter throughout the process, and shall be responsible for the skill training of the driver, to ensure that the driver mixes according to the operation procedure, to ensure the mixing time, to make the mixture evenly mixed and to prevent lumps. It is strictly forbidden to add water to the concrete mixer truck without permission. If the slump is too small and does not meet the design requirements, an appropriate amount of the admixture carried on the truck can be added under the guidance of the tester, and it can be used after fully stirring.