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Price of Concrete Mixer Machine in Kenya


If you want to know the price of concrete mixer machine in kenya, you should know what is the model suitable for your project. The common forced concrete mixer machine models on the Kenya market range from 350 to 4000. There are so many models, which brings difficulties to everyone's choice. So how do we judge which concrete mixer machine model is the most suitable?


price of concrete mixer machine in kenya concrete mixer machine price in kenya

1, Choose according to the construction volume of the project.
For customers with a large amount of work and a long construction period, try to choose a slightly large forced concrete mixer machine, such as JS1500 concrete mixer to JS4000 concrete mixer, which is used together with a concrete batching machine and other equipment. For the construction industry with a small amount of work, it is recommended to choose JS500 , JS750 forced concrete mixer machine, which are high efficiency and cost-effective.
2, Discharge capacity.
For large and medium-sized commercial concrete batching plants with a production capacity of more than 50 cubic meters per hour, it is more economical to use a mixer with a discharge capacity of more than 1 cubic meter, that means, the concrete mixer machine model is large than JS1000 concrete mixer.
3, Choose by aggregate size.
Various forced concrete mixer with different discharge capacities allow different aggregate particle sizes. Concrete conveying and pouring methods Various concrete conveying and pouring machines have certain requirements on the properties of concrete, and these requirements should be met when selecting a concrete mixer machine in Kenya.
4, Concrete type and slump.
The single-shaft forced concrete mixer is suitable for the production of dry-hard concrete and lightweight aggregate concrete, and is not suitable for the production of high-fluidity concrete. The twin shaft forced concrete mixer can produce all kinds of concrete and has a wide range of applications.

After these work, you can find the concrete mixer model suitable, and then the price of concrete mixer machine in kenya can be quote by concrete mixer manufacturer, We Haomei Machinery have rich experience on concrete mixer produce and export to Kenya, you can contact us via email and whatsapp, we can reply in hours!