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Planetary Concrete Mixer


The vertical axis planetary concrete mixer adopts a planetary stirring device. The planetary stirring device can cover the entire mixing drum with a 30-second stirring track, and stir in all directions without leaving a stirring dead angle. When the vertical axis planetary concrete mixer is working, the mixing arm and the mixing blade are not only the materials that can be forced to shear, turn over, and squeeze, but also the specially designed material movement trajectory enables the materials to interact with each other, thus to strengthen the stirring action.

The mixing device of the vertical shaft planetary concrete mixer mainly includes a mixing drum, a mixing shaft, a mixing blade and a mixing arm. The mixing drum is the main working site of the vertical shaft planetary mixer, and it is also the supporting part of the mixing device, transmission device, and discharge. The whole mixing drum of vertical axis planetary concrete mixer is made of selected corrosion-resistant and friction-resistant thickened steel plates, so it has sufficient rigidity and has a long service life. Wear-resistant lining plates are installed on the inner wall of the vertical axis planetary mixer, adding double insurance to the long-term use of the mixing drum.


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Technical characteristics of vertical shaft planetary concrete mixer are:
1, The planetary stirring can drive the material to cover the entire mixing drum, and achieve precise and uniform stirring effect for the material in every direction.
2, A complete range of concrete mixer models can meet the needs of different projects. Customers can choose different models according to their own needs, which can reduce the initial investment cost and reduce risks.
3, The vertical shaft concrete mixer uses parallel four-sided stirring blades, which can be rotated and reused depending on the situation. Even large-volume concrete mixers can cover the entire mixing drum in a 30-second mixing track.

The vertical shaft planetary concrete mixer overcomes the mixing defects of the traditional vertical shaft concrete mixer. Compared with the twin-shaft horizontal concrete mixer with the same number of squares, the height is consistent and the layout planning of various production lines is easy. The planetary vertical shaft concrete mixer has smooth and continuous material movement trajectory, short mixing cycle and high efficiency, and is suitable for industries that require high mixing uniformity.