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Concrete Portable Batch Plant


The concrete portable batch plant equipment adopts the overall trailer type design. The water, gas, circuit, etc. all use quick joints. The mechanical structure uses the bolt type quick installation, which can be used as soon as it is pulled, and it can be used at a high speed. Portable concrete batch plant is easy to move, it is very convenient to move around, disassemble and assemble, and it only takes one day to install the main station for the first time. And portable batch plant has three working modes: automatic, semi-automatic and manual, making production control more convenient. The double-ribbon mixing host can save 20% of energy under standard conditions.



concrete portable batch plant portable batch plant


The each system of concrete portable batch plant has their own advantages:
1, Conveying system: wear-resistant and durable, easy maintenance
The use of replaceable friction disc rubber-coated rollers can be completed in half an hour, greatly shortening the maintenance time (the replacement of the old-fashioned rollers generally takes 4 days); five cleaning + water cleaning reduces belt wear.

2, Powder metering system: scientific setting, accurate metering
The overall metering system of mobile concrete batching plant is scientifically designed to avoid the adverse effects of the main building and other factors on the powder scale, and it is not easy to produce material accumulation, pulling and dragging, and to ensure the measurement accuracy.

3, Liquid metering system: intelligent adjustment, quality controllable
The coarse and fine measurement of liquid admixtures, as well as adjustment devices such as liquid storage bag and manual ball valve, can automatically realize the functions of over-weight deduction and missing weight, and timely adjustment to improve measurement accuracy. It is equipped with an admixture anti-leakage device to ensure the quality and safety of the concrete.

4, Intelligent control system: multiple guarantees and efficient management
The self-developed synchronous production management and control system realizes the free switching of automatic, semi-automatic and manual working modes, making production control more comfortable; online inspection and control of product quality to eliminate inferior products; blessing of independent research and development technology for fault warning, multiple guarantees Keep your concrete portable batch plant equipment non-stop; data are automatically classified and summarized, and cloud data storage ensures clear data and convenient operation.