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Concrete Trailer Pump For Sale


Concrete trailer pump for sale is a construction equipment that transports concrete under pressure through pipelines. It is equipped with special pipelines that can continuously transport concrete horizontally and vertically along the pipeline. It is an ideal type of existing concrete transportation equipment. Combining ready-mixed concrete production with pumping construction and using concrete mixer trucks for intermediate operation can realize continuous pumping and pouring of concrete. It is used for concrete transportation of large-scale concrete projects.


concrete trailer pump for sale concrete trailer pumps for sale

In the construction of concrete pumping, the cleaning of concrete is an indispensable and important step after pumping. A good cleaning method can not only clean the conveying pipeline of concrete trailer pump for sale, but also transport all the concrete in the pipeline to the pouring site, not only without wasting the concrete, but also economical and environmentally friendly. The common washing method of S pipe valve trailer concrete pump is introduced as follows.

(1) Check the wear between the cutting ring and the eye plate, which is the key to the success or failure of the direct flushing method. If the cutting ring and the eye plate are not severely worn, the distance between the cutting ring and the eye plate is less than 0.1mm, and there is no groove and scratch more than 1mm between them, you can use the direct water method.
(2) After the concrete is pumped, pump 0.15~0.25m\+3 water-cement ratio of 1:1.5 or 1:2 mortar, then fill the distribution valve with water, start pumping, and pump the concrete Go to the pouring site until clear water flows out from the output end of the delivery pipe. If the pipeline is shorter and the cleaning effect is better, the cleaning process is over.
(3) When the pipeline is long or the cleaning effect is not good, open the hopper discharge door, turn on the reverse pump, and flush the hopper and distribution valve. If pumping upwards and the height is greater than 20m, a wooden hammer can be used to hit the bottom elbow of the vertical part. If the knocking sound is low, the elbow needs to be dismantled and the large aggregate that may accumulate is poured out.
(4) Close the discharge door of the concrete trailer pump for sale and pump clean water until the clean water flows out from the output end of the delivery pipe.