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Self Loading Mixer Truck Factory


The self loading mixer truck factory supply equipment with high mixing efficiency, less labor needed and low energy consumption. The self loading mixer truck mixes uniformly, the mixing blades are fan-shaped, and the contact area with the medium is large when mixing. The nozzles are arranged in multiple rows, and the water volume is uniform and adjustable. The self loading concrete mixer truck has a compact structure, good sealing, and the ash baffle is set at the material port to prevent the water mist from being reversed. The residual ash rate is low, and the setting of the watershed at the bottom of the box ensures that there are no dead corners in the equipment. The performance of the self loading mixer truck equipment is advanced, the quality of the finished product is stable, the mixing is uniform, and the material is discharged quickly.


self loading mixer truck factory self loading mixer truck factories


In recent years of engineering projects, the application rate of self loading mixer trucks is getting higher and higher. Whether in cities, towns, or in the mountains, you can always see them. Automatic transportation and unloading are assisted by countless projects, and more and more people are inclined to buy. What advantages have attracted so many favors?

1, Efficiency higher than concrete mixer
Taking a 4.0 cubic meter self loading concrete mixer truck, on average, a tank of material comes out every 12 minutes and starting for 10 hours, the daily concrete output can reach 500 tons, which is several times more efficient than simply using a concrete mixer.

2, You can buy another car with the saved cost
The cost saved by the self loading mixer truck factory is undoubtedly the material cost and labor cost. The price of commercial concrete is always high. The price of 1 cubic meter of C30 concrete is about 300 rmb. For small and medium-sized projects, it is a large expenditure. If you use 80 cubic meters of concrete per day, the material expenditure alone is 24,000. However, under the use of the self loading concrete mixer, the price of concrete raw materials per square meter is not more than 100 rmb, and the comparison of expenses is too obvious. Secondly, labor costs are getting higher and higher. In the past, 7 or 8 people were required to make concrete together. Even in the way of a concrete mixer, 5 or 6 people were required to separately load, water, transport, and unload, while the self loading concrete mixer truck only needs 2 people. Operation, one person is responsible for the operation, and one person is responsible for the auxiliary material placement. Calculated at a daily salary of 150 rmb, it can save at least 600 rmb in labor expenses per day, and it can reach 18,000 rmb a month.