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Double Shaft Concrete Mixer Manufacturer


To be your trusted double shaft concrete mixer manufacturer, Haomei Machinery worked hard for 20 years. The models of twin shaft concrete mixer in Haomei Machinery are JS500, JS1000, JS1500, JS2000, JS3000 and JS4000. Concrete mixers are widely used in engineering construction. Haomei reminds everyone to check carefully when purchasing concrete mixer and select concrete mixer manufacturer.


double shaft concrete mixer manufacturer double shaft concrete mixer manufacturers

1, Check the overall appearance of twin shaft concrete mixer.
The main structure of the regular new concrete mixer supplied by double shaft concrete mixer manufacturer has no obvious deformation, desoldering and cracking. The installation meets the specified requirements, the parts and accessories are complete and complete, the whole machine is clean and free of corrosion, and there is no obvious accumulation of concrete in the machine. The refurbished machine has flaws in details, and consumers should check it carefully.

2, Check the safety devices of double shaft concrete mixer.
The upper and lower limit devices of the upper and lower hopper of the regular new concrete mixer are sensitive and reliable. The clutch transfers power effectively, the separation is thorough, the braking is reliable, and the braking of the upper hopper motor is reliable, and there is no slipping phenomenon. The model, quality and specifications of the steel wire rope meet the regulations, the wear and broken wires do not exceed the regulations, the rope clamp meets the usage specifications, the open gear and pulley guards are complete, the safety hooks of the upper hopper and the safety latches on the track are intact and complete. Refurbished machines are far from achieving this effect.

3, Check the transmission of double shaft concrete mixer manufacturer.
The regular and brand-new concrete mixer transmission device runs smoothly, all parts are connected reliably, the gears are in good harmony, the axial and radial clearances meet the regulations, and the friction drive wheel wear does not exceed the regulations. The transmission belt is tightly tight, uniformly stressed, and has no breaks. The chain and sprocket have no tooth biting phenomenon. The gearbox runs normally without abnormal noise and is well sealed. The motor works without abnormal noise, and the temperature rise complies with the regulations. The insulation is good and the grounding meets the requirements.