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Concrete Twin Shaft Mixer


Concrete twin shaft mixer is an extremely important equipment in the concrete production process, various materials for preparing concrete can become a uniform mixture after mixing. The design of the concrete mix ratio is to fill the gap of the coarse aggregate with fine aggregate, and the cement mortar is evenly distributed on the surface of the coarse aggregate. Therefore, high-strength concrete cannot be obtained due to uneven mixing. The use of mechanical mixing twin shaft concrete mixer can not only increase the mixing speed and the uniformity of the mixture, but also increase the strength of the concrete, greatly reduce labor intensity and increase production efficiency. Especially in large-scale projects such as reservoirs and bridge piers with a large amount of concrete pouring, a large amount of concrete must be mechanically stirred to complete the construction. Therefore, concrete mixer machinery is the necessary equipment for the manufacture of concrete.
concrete twin shaft mixer twin shaft mixer

Multiple sets of stirring arms and blades on the two stirring shafts constitute a mixing device of concrete twin shaft mixer, and ensure that the mixture in the cylinder can be fully mixed longitudinally and transversely in a short time to achieve the purpose of full mixing. The blades of the twin shaft concrete mixer are made of high-strength impact and wear-resistant cast iron, which can reach 3700 cans/time in normal production. Its performance indicators meet the requirements of JG/T5045.1-93 (HRC≥58, impact value ≥5.0NM/mm2, bending resistance Strength 600N/mm2).

Haomei Machinery is a professional concrete mixing equipment manufacturer, the advantages of concrete twin shaft mixer offered by Haomei are:
1, Advanced technology.
The arc part of the mixing drum is welded, and there are five kinds of liners in the mixing drum, all of which are fastened with countersunk screws.
2, Good airtightness.
In order to ensure the sealing quality, a special oil feeder is installed on the end surface of the mixing drum.
3, Strong stirring power.
The two output shafts of the reducer respectively drive two horizontally arranged stirring shafts to rotate in opposite directions at a uniform speed through two pairs of open gears.
4, Simple operation.
All electrical control systems adopt imported international first-class components, with complete functions, reliable performance and easy operation and use.
5, Flexible configuration.
The height of the outrigger part is designed to be 3.8-4.1 meters of discharge height. It is equipped with a concrete mixer truck. It can also be modified according to the special requirements of users to meet user needs.