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Diesel concrete mixer pump


Diesel concrete mixer pump is a kind of concrete machinery that can mixing and pumping concrete, it is easy to operate, convenient to transport. Diesel concrete mixer with pump manufactured by Haomei have capacity of 30-40m3/h, which is practical and durable, with various varieties and wide range of application.

diesel concrete mixer pump diesel concrete mixer and pump
With the improvement of living standards and economic strength, the demand for concrete in building houses is greater, and the quality requirements for building houses are also relatively improved, requiring a large number of high-quality concrete. The trailer concrete mixer pump not only has high efficiency of mixing and transporting and pumping concrete, but also has better quality than manual mixing. The diesel trailer concrete mixer with pump not only can pour houses, but also can make water conservancy, roads, bridges and other large-scale construction, which makes the use of diesel concrete mixer pump essential.

The main body of the concrete mixing pump is 2.2 meters wide. Because of its small size, it is very suitable for transportation back and forth on narrow roads in rural areas, and the requirements for the construction site are not high. In addition, the diesel version of the trailer concrete mixing pump is also free from the constraints of power, and it can still be stably constructed in many remote areas that cannot meet the power supply.

At present, the outflow of a large number of rural young and middle-aged labor force has become a recognized fact, and the shortage of labor force needs to be kept up by machines instead of manpower. Therefore, the trailer diesel concrete mixer pump, which is an automatic integration of aggregate loading, mixing and pumping, is very suitable for rural use.