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Dual Shaft Concrete Mixer


In addition to the equipment type and output, the dual shaft concrete mixer price is also related to its material selection and manufacturing process. Because there are many concrete mixer manufacturers on the market, sales channels and purchase times are different, it is necessary to carefully investigate. Customers can specify the brand. Some twin shaft concrete mixer manufacturers have A and B models, or standard and economic models. In fact, the functions are similar. If there is no special requirement, you can purchase the standard model.


dual shaft concrete mixer dual shaft concrete mixers

The dual shaft concrete mixer is currently the most commonly used mixer on the market. The production efficiency of the double shaft concrete mixer is high. The performance is extremely stable, the mixing volume is large, the mixing effect is good, and it can be produced on a continuous production line, with low noise, simple maintenance, and low cost. Change the feed position and sequence of the mixing arm structure to greatly reduce the fixation of the shaft. The liner and blades of the twin shaft concrete mixer are made of high chromium materials, and will not leak under normal use of 50,000 cubic meters. The twin shaft concrete mixer produces convection and squeezing effect on the material, which is suitable for mixing various dry and hard concretes. It has strong production capacity, good quality, low investment and high utilization rate.

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