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Forced Concrete Mixer


Forced concrete mixer is a kind of equipment made by industrial concrete mixing technology, mainly used in the production of concrete. Forced action concrete mixer makes concrete by mixing raw materials such as cement, sand, aggregate and other raw materials fully by means of forced mixing. This kind of concrete mixer usually consists of mixing drum, mixing knife, motor, transmission device and other components, which can quickly and efficiently mix the raw materials evenly to ensure the quality and uniformity of concrete.


forced concrete mixer forced action concrete mixer


The forced concrete mixer mainly consists of two connected horizontally placed circular groove-shaped mixing drums, two mixing shafts rotating in opposite directions and a rotation mechanism. Several sets of mixing blades are installed on the two shafts, which are staggered in a certain space at the front, back and top, so that the mixture is mixed in turn in the two mixing cylinders. On the one hand, the mixing material at the bottom and the middle of the mixing cylinder is turned upward, and on the other hand, the mixing material is pushed forward and backward along the axis, so that the mixing material can be stirred quickly and evenly.

The forced twin shaft concrete mixer can also be used as the mixing host of concrete mixing plant to realize more efficient continuous concrete production. Performance characteristics of forced concrete mixer are:
Compact structural design, stable operation of the equipment, simple operation.
The operating system is convenient and flexible, and the unloading is clean.
It can mix dry-hard, semi-dry-hard, plastic and light aggregate concrete.
Short mixing time, strong mixing capacity, high production efficiency and good mixing quality.
The mixer shell is sealed tightly, there will be no fly ash, ash leakage and other phenomena, good environmental protection.
Gear ring rotation, reliable transmission, low noise.

Forced concrete mixer is usually applied to large concrete mixing plant or engineering construction site, which can meet the occasions with high requirements for concrete quality and production efficiency. Compared with automatic concrete mixer, forced action concrete mixer has the advantages of good mixing effect and high uniformity of concrete, which is suitable for the production of high-strength concrete or special concrete occasions.