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Fully Automatic Batching Plant


Most of the current fully automatic batching plant have eliminated the semi-automatic operation methods in the past and replaced them with advanced intelligent control equipment. The whole machine of the concrete batching plant realizes automatic control, computer monitoring throughout the whole process, automatic measurement, accurate measurement and high reliability. Fully automatic concrete batching plant is an ideal equipment for producing concrete, its key components adopt imported components, the control system of the automatic concrete batching plant adopts programmable controllers and professional industrial computers, which can carry out automatic, semi-automatic and manual control of weighing, mixing and discharging in the production process, the lining plate of the mixing tank and the mixing arm. The blades are made of high-temperature wear-resistant cast iron, which has a long service life, the aggregate and mineral powder are all measured separately to ensure the accuracy and reliability of the batching.


fully automatic batching plant fully automatic batching plants


The whole fully automatic batching plant adopts computer control system, which can automatically ensure the continuous production control of the system, it has a dynamic panel display, which can clearly understand the operation status of each part. The intuitive monitoring interface can clearly and accurately observe the on-site workflow, and can carry out report printing management. Compared with traditional control methods, the advantages of the fully automatic control system of concrete batching plant are very obvious. It is equipped with precise batching machine equipment, which can control two or more production lines at the same time, and each production line can adjust different mix ratios according to customer needs. Moreover, after the concrete mixing plant uses the fully automatic control system, all personnel can stay away from the production site and go to the central control room hundreds of meters away or even further away for centralized operation and control, which makes the operator leave the production site full of dust and noise pollution.

The entire batching and mixing process of fully automatic batching plant is automatically completed under the control of the electronic control system (manual control is also possible), and the control system can store multiple different concrete ratios for users to call at any time. The automatic concrete batching plant has compact structure, convenient installation and debugging, advanced system configuration, high-quality components for the measurement and control system, and high working reliability.