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Semi Automatic Concrete Batching Plant


The semi automatic concrete batching plant is a semi automatic concrete mixing complete set of machinery consisting of feeding, batching, mixing, electrical control and steel structure components. The semi automatic batching plant is developed in combination with the current new technology production, it is suitable for small scale construction sites, prefabricated parts factories and commercial concrete production plants, and is more suitable for the supply of concrete with strong mobility such as railways and highways.


semi automatic concrete batching plant semi automatic batching plant


The semi automatic concrete batching plant type mainly adopts a centralized control system. The semi automatic control system is completed step by step. For example, when the concrete is loaded, just click the loading button, then the material will be automatically transported to the weighing hopper, and when it needs to be unloaded, click the unloading button. The materials of concrete batching plant will be automatically unloaded into the concrete mixer, and the centralized control system, that is, the semi-automatic control system, requires more people to participate.

The fully automatic concrete mixing plant can not only complete the task with simple operation, but also save a lot of cost for the company. However, buying a fully automatic concrete batching plant is more expensive than a semi automatic concrete batching plant, which means that the initial cost is higher. When it comes to concrete mixing plants, don't just focus on low priced equipment. Quality is the prerequisite for ensuring the good operation of automatic concrete batching plants. You must buy concrete batching plant equipment from regular manufacturers. The equipment of regular manufacturers is more durable and has a longer life. In addition, in terms of after-sales, large-scale equipment manufacturers have a sound after-sales service system. If you have any problems, you can contact the manufacturer at any time to solve the problem according to the process, so that we can use it more.