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Small Concrete Batch Plant


The small concrete batch plant is a station built for the purpose of engineering concrete mixing. As we all know, engineering concrete batch plant for sale generally do not as commercial concrete mixing plants to have complete facilities, and the equipment models are relatively small. Of course, the investment cost is also relatively small. Although the engineering concrete batch plant is small, as long as it is selected properly, high-quality concrete can be produced, so what should we do?



small concrete batch plant small concrete batch plants


1, Whether it is a small concrete batch plant or a large commercial concrete mixing plant, the concrete batch plant equipment needs to choose a high-performance concrete mixing main engine, and the performance of the mixing main engine is a major factor affecting the quality of concrete, which requires the user of the concrete batch plant equipment to choose high-quality mixing mainframe with matching model. But it does not mean that once and for all if you buy a good mixing machine, reasonable maintenance cannot be ignored.
2, Selection, proportioning and pouring sequence of concrete ingredients. The material is also critical, and the ratio of the material must be prepared, which is the key. After the material ratio is ready, start feeding. Do not add water to stir when feeding, and the cement needs to be added at the end. If the cement and all the materials are in there, you will need to stir well before adding water, and before placing the materials, do a quick check to make sure you add lubricant where needed.
3, The mixing time of the concrete mixer in concrete batching plant needs to be appropriate. Different stirring times should be selected according to different specific situations. When the stirring time is up, the machine should stop. In addition, reasonable and full use of concrete residues can not only save production and improve production efficiency, but more importantly, realize the utilization and recycling of waste, which is conducive to environmental protection.

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