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Mini Concrete Mixing Plant


The development prospects of mini concrete mixing plant in the construction industry are very broad. At present, it is still in the development stage. The current mini concrete batching plants have made new breakthroughs on the basis of traditional concrete mixing plants, which overcomes many problems such as the small output of traditional mini concrete batching plants, the uneven mixing granularity, the easy blockage of the concrete screw conveyor, and the need for manual disassembly and cleaning of the blanking part. The new mini concrete batching plant not only solves all the above problems, but also completes automatic batching and automatic generation of one-stop production through technical means.


mini concrete mixing plant mini concrete mixing plants


The mini concrete mixing plant has achieved a scientific development path. Through its own improvement, it has truly brought environmental protection onto the track of legalization and scientificization. It fully solves the environmental pollution and noise pollution and waste water pollution generated in the production process. The mixing capacity of mini concrete batching plant is usually 25-60m3/h, which meet the requirement of small engineering projects, so the configuration of mini concrete batching plant is often simple, but it doesn’t means the mixing efficiency is low, combined with automatic control system, the work efficiency of concrete mixing plant mini is high.

Mini concrete mixing plant are widely used in highway construction, house construction, bridge construction and other projects. In daily production, due to transportation conditions, sand, dust and other impurities will inevitably appear, which has a great impact on the environment, therefore, in the production process of small concrete batching plant manufacturers, a complete set of solutions must be set up in the system design in order to solve its problems.