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Price of Stationary Concrete Batch Plant


The price of stationary concrete batch plant has always been a concern of many customers who want to build a concrete batching plant. And the concrete batch plant price is the first question we will ask the stationary concrete batch plant manufacturer. Today, as a stationary concrete batching plant manufacturer, I will show you the price of concrete batching plant.

The price of the stationary concrete batch plant is closely related to the model configuration of the equipment. For a small stationary batching plant, if the configuration requirements are not high, it can be within 80,000 dollars. The general price of a medium sized stationary concrete batching plant is between 100,000 and 200,000 dollars. Large scale stationary concrete batching plants cost millions to build. Different models have different stationary concrete batching plant prices. According to the actual situation of customers, the concrete batching plant manufacturers' plans are also different, and the quotations are also different.

price of stationary concrete batch plant price of stationary concrete batch plants

Large scale concrete production lines are generally a combination of multiple large-scale commercial concrete batching plants. The investment in batching plant equipment alone will cost more than 1 or 2 million dollars. The site construction and various budgets may require more investment. If the customer's demand is a small and medium-sized concrete batching plant production line, generally a single set of concrete batching plant can be selected, and the equipment investment is no more than 1 million.

If the customer just wants to build a stationary concrete mixing plant for engineering, the price of stationary concrete batch plant is relatively much smaller. Although the required equipment structure is the same, the output of the stationary concrete batching plant for engineering is generally not as high as that for producing commercial concrete, and the configuration will be much lower, the corresponding investment will be much lower.