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Mobile concrete batching plant price


YHZS25-75 mobile concrete batching plant price is related with the model, configuration, brand and after-sale service. The mobile concrete batching plant is mainly suitable for various short-term projects. The production capacity is usually below 100 cubic meters per hour. Due to the mobility characteristics, the aggregate storage capacity of the mobile batching plant is generally small. The mobile concrete mixing plant itself does not contain a cement silo, which means that you still need to make a foundation for the cement silo when you use it.
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The mobile concrete batching plant is composed of the equipment host, the material weighing system, and the equipment operation control system, as well as the pre-connection that facilitates its movement. The mobile concrete batching plant needs to be well maintained after use. Keep the appearance neat and clean, extend the service life of the equipment, and also reduce the maintenance cost of the equipment, reduce environmental pollution and so on.

The significance of maintenance of mobile concrete batching plant.
1. The maintenance machinery has a good technical condition and a neat appearance, reduces downtime of failures, and improves the mechanical integrity rate and utilization rate.
2. Under the conditions of reasonable use, it will not cause accidents due to damage other than machinery, which will affect the safety of production.
3. Reduce the wear of mechanical parts, avoid early damage, and extend the interval and service life of mechanical repair.
4. Reduce the cost of machinery operation and maintenance, and reduce the consumption of various materials such as fuel, lubricating oil materials, accessories, replacement equipment, etc. to a lower level.
5. Reduce noise and pollution.