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Mobile Concrete Plant For Sale


The mobile concrete plant for sale has a series of product advantages: such as strong mobility and rapid transition, suitable for a variety of engineering work methods. It occupies a small amount of capital, a small space, and less equipment, and can produce high-quality and efficient concrete under the condition of accurate metering of the batching machine. The mobile concrete batching plant has the mixing capacity of 25-90m3/h, which can meet the requirement of different project size.

mobile concrete plant for sale mobile concrete plants for sale

The mobile concrete plant for sale often adopt fully automatic control system to improve the mixing efficiency and accuracy. In addition, the mobile concrete batching plant also have the performance advantages as follows:
1, The design of the concrete mixer is reasonable, with short mixing time, low consumption, low noise and long service life of wearing parts.
2, Both the mixing blade and the liner are made of wear-resistant materials, which are durable and easy to disassemble and replace.
3, Use air cylinder or electric push rod to discharge material, which is convenient and quick. There is a hopper suitable for concrete mixer truck under the material door, and the material is discharged quickly.

What are the factors that affect the price of mobile concrete plant for sale? The first is the type of portable concrete plant. At present, there are many types of market demand, and different types of equipment have different prices; secondly, the mobile concrete batching plant equipment manufacturers are different, and the technology and industrial quality of different manufacturers are also different. In many cases, the equipment produced by large manufacturers is more expensive than small enterprises. This is because large manufacturers have relatively advantages in many aspects such as production technology and quality. This is one of the main factors causing the difference in equipment prices. Even if it is the same model of portable concrete batching plant, the price list of the mobile concrete plant can only be published in a price range due to different customer requirements. After fully communicating the actual needs of users, accurate prices can be calculated.