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Portable Batch Plant


Portable batch plant are generally used for small and medium-sized engineering projects, mainly to meet the needs of the project, and can meet the concrete required by the production project and the quality of the concrete can reach the standard! Due to the different configurations and models of portable concrete batch plant equipment, it is related to the actual needs of users to customize equipment suitable for customers, so the portable concrete batching plant price difference is relatively large, and different production scales can be customized according to the size of the concrete batch plant equipment!



portable batch plant portable batch plants


According to the current production status and social needs, in some towns, mountainous areas and other areas with underdeveloped transportation and remote areas, where there is no commercial concrete batch plant, there are still construction needs, and most of them are small quantities of concrete. In the past, we use old-fashioned drum concrete mixer for on-site mixing, but as environmental protection requirements are getting higher and higher, the old-fashioned drum type concrete mixer pollutes the environment and occupies a lot of land. Now it has basically been eliminated, so as the necessary concrete mixing plant equipment for construction, the portable concrete batching plant has become a good choice!

The model of the portable batch plant is smaller than that of the commercial concrete mixing plant, but don't think that the output or the quality of the concrete is not as good as the fixed one when the mobile concrete batch plant is small! The production volume of portable concrete batching plant is not only the same as that of the commercial concrete mixing station, but also high-grade concrete can be produced! It has all the functions of the fixed concrete batch plant. The biggest feature of the mobile concrete batching plant is that it can be moved. If our project is over, the whole equipment can move directly to other sites. There will be no conventional stationary batch plant relocation costs and high disassembly and assembly costs, so this portable concrete batching plant equipment is relatively friendly for us to undertake small and medium-sized projects!