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Portable Concrete Plant For Sale


With the continuous development of urbanization in my country, many construction sites can be seen whether in the countryside or in the city, and these are essential concrete mixing stations. Whether it is a portable concrete plant for sale or a relatively small concrete mixer, although it is only a simple machine, if you want to move or transport the site, there are many places to pay attention to.

We should consider the selection of the portable concrete plant for sale. After the selection of the mobile concrete batching plant, the demolition team must select the mobile team of the concrete plant. During the moving process, the removal rate of the portable concrete plant equipment is a key factor in determining the development of the mobile concrete batching plant, to complete the economy of concrete plant moving.


portable concrete plant for sale portable concrete plants for sale


The key is to do a good job in three aspects:
1, Formulate a specific and scientific plan, according to the characteristics of the disassembly sequence planning of the mobile concrete plant equipment, select an appropriate disassembly plan and team, and the technical level of the team directly affects the concrete plant equipment;
2, Strengthen supervision and rationally arrange the disassembly of machines and personnel to prevent interspersed operations, so that the manpower and mechanical equipment during the disassembly process are smaller, and the transportation is safe;
3, Make sure that the portable concrete batching plant equipment is not damaged, and no parts are lost.

Another point to note is that when moving, the four legs and long rails of the portable concrete plant for sale should be removed and arranged for easy movement. When the hopper is about to pierce the system at a certain height, pin the bucket; pay attention to the operation away from the crowd, and prevent construction workers and others from touching; the safety hook is a device that can be safely carried in the transport vehicle.