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Ready mix concrete plant manufacturer


Ready mix concrete plant manufacturer Haomei supply high efficiency concrete mixing equipment with free training, installation and great after sale service. The selection of equipment for ready mix concrete plant is different from other normal concrete batching plant. The equipment requirements of ready mix concrete plant are higher than that of general concrete batching plant. Its main configuration includes:

ready mix concrete plant manufacturer ready mix concrete plant manufacturers

1, Concrete mixer: You can choose the forced concrete mixer Sicoma or JS type with better performance.
2, Concrete batching machine: storage bin, screen, batching hopper (with easy-slip ultra-high polymer board, easy to fall down, not easy to arch), curved valve, measuring hopper (with easy-slip ultra-high polymer board), also includes safety devices-two-way pull switch, two-level deviation switch, sensor protection lever.
3, Belt conveyor: The ready mix concrete plant adopts herringbone belt feeding, which saves space. In addition to the most basic electric rollers, reducers, conveyor belts, tensioning devices, and sand receiving tanks, electric sand cleaning devices, anti-deviation devices and two-way pull ropes Switch (when the machine fails, the entire device will be powered off when the wire rope is pulled down, safe and reliable).
4, Aggregate halfway bin: hopper, bucket cover, bucket cover dust curtain (to prevent dust sloshing in the halfway bin), square butterfly valve, vibration electrical appliance (to prevent residual aggregate), weighing sensor (detectable in the silo) Is empty, to prevent secondary feeding) and so on.
5, Cement silo: At least 2 tanks must be standard, and the powder tank is placed on the side. It mainly includes silo, manual butterfly valve, arch breaking device, safety valve, alarm device, material level meter, circuit control system, etc.
6, Screw conveyor: screw conveyor for mother and son.
7, Dust removal equipment: powder dust collector (dust collector, fan, etc.) and forced pulse back-blowing bag dust removal. Dust spraying device in stockyard.
8, At the same time, the ready mix concrete plant also includes water storage tank, admixture tank, water weighing, admixture weighing, gravel precipitation treatment system, operation control system, etc., if necessary, the ready mix concrete plant manufacturer can add water cooling system on the equipment line.