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Self loading concrete truck mixer price


For self loading concrete truck mixer price please contact Haomei, we can offer low price, high quality and professional service. The self loading concrete mixer truck integrates four functions of loading, mixing, transportation and unloading, greatly liberating the productivity. The mixing tank can rotate horizontally at 270 degrees without any restrictions on discharging. The self loading concrete truck body is equipped with precise industrial scale and intelligent batching calculation system, which can complete the operation in the cab and produce high-quality concrete.

self loading concrete truck mixer price self loading concrete truck mixers price

This full-automatic self loading truck mixer supports full-automatic feeding and water adding simply. The whole operation process with its own water injection system and large capacity water tank will not cause material waste and dust generation. One self loafing concrete mixer truck can replace 9 people. The new generation of self loading truck mixer, which changes the traditional concrete production and transportation mode, can be put on the road with the tag. The most advanced and highly intelligent program is built in. The key hydraulic components are imported from Germany with original packaging. The body is solid and durable, and the design and operation are simple. It only takes a few hours to train two workers, and the operation can easily complete the workload of the previous seven or eight workers.


For the production of finished concrete, this self loading concrete truck mixer is designed for the small volume concrete construction unit. Only one self loading concrete mixer is needed to realize the process of loading, mixing, transportation and unloading. The self loading concrete truck mixer price provide by Haomei is reasonable, it automatically loads, loads, mixes, pumps, calculates the material ratio accurately. The tank body can rotate and unload. The time of feeding and discharging is about 12 minutes and an hour output is 5 tanks, and the daily output is about 180 square meters, mixing, transportation and unloading. Where you need a car, you can directly drive it to the construction site.