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Stationary Batch Plant Price


How much does it cost to buy a set of stationary concrete batching plant? In fact, there are many determinants of stationary batch plant price, because there are many equipment configuration facilities, so the specific price of stationary batch plant still depends on individual requirements. Today, Haomei Machinery will share with you about the cost of a set of stationary concrete batching plant.


stationary batch plant price stationary batch plant prices

1, First of all, we need to determine whether the concrete mixer is original or famous brands;
2, Do you need a cement silo? How many, if any, are needed? These are all to be determined.
3, How many cubic meter concrete does the stationary concrete batch plant equipment need to mixing per hour?
4, Is the equipment in sheet form or integral?
The above four points have a greater impact on the stationary batch plant price. The price space for these is between 10,000 and 200,000, so we must pay attention! Knowing the above, we need to determine the number of screws according to the number of our own cement silos, and the screw conveyors are also divided into domestic and imported. In these two types, we need to determine the quantity and the type of reducer according to our own needs.

The above is the necessities of the stationary batch plants equipment, that is, the supporting facilities of the stationary concrete batching plant equipment. Next, let’s talk about the details of the concrete batch plant. The sensors of the stationary batch plant are also divided into domestic and imported. There are about 30 sensors for a stationary concrete mixing plant. Domestic and imported prices range from 50-400 dollars, and the difference between 30 sensors is about 10,000 dollars. The quality of pneumatic valves is about 1000 dollars. The difference between water pumps, additive pumps, and control systems is about 7,000 dollars, and the cables, the motor and reducer used in stationary concrete batching plant are about 10,000 dollars, etc. There are too many details of a piece of concrete batch plant equipment.

To sum up, stationary batch plant price is not easy to answer immediately, because the configuration and details are different, and the price of the equipment will be impressed. So when we buy equipment, we should not only look at the price of stationary concrete batching plant, but the quality of the product should be the focus of our attention!