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Prepare Of Build Stationary Batch Plant


Before determining the scale of stationary batch plant investment, investors should of course do market research. If the concrete batch plant is used internally by the construction department, the production capacity of the purchased stationary concrete batching plant should be determined according to the construction capacity and the amount of ready mix concrete. Such as highway or small-scale (1 year construction period) projects, the mixing host with a capacity of 1 to 1.5 cubic meters is generally selected. If the concrete batching plant is used as a commercial concrete batching plant, the size of the commercial concrete batching plant should be determined based on the economic development of the region and the market demand and investment capacity of commercial concrete in the jurisdiction. Generally, a concrete mixer with a capacity of 1.5 cubic meters or more should be selected.
stationary batch plant stationary batch plants

The purchase manager should fully understand the stationary batch plant quality level, service capabilities and prices of domestic and foreign concrete batching plant manufacturers in the same industry, conduct market research, and inspect the manufacturers' processing and quality assurance capabilities on site. The manufacturer of the required complete set of stationary concrete batching plant equipment suitable for the needs can be selected through the holding of defense meetings, bidding meetings, etc. Determine the scale and grade of the commercial concrete mixing plant according to the amount of capital. If the investment scale is small, a mixing plant with all domestic accessories and a host with a lower cost can be selected. The electrical control system is also an important factor in determining the grade of the stationary concrete batch plant. Manufacturers have control systems with different degrees of automation for customers to choose from.

When selecting the site of stationary batch plant, it should be ensured that the site is close to the stone yard and sand plant, sufficient water source, and far away from residential areas, etc. If you can make full use of the hillside terrain and set the material yard on the higher ground level of the hillside, the feeding height of the batching machine can be reduced, so that the climbing angle of the loader is small or there is no need to climb, which saves energy and reduces Wear. When installing the equipment foundation, pay attention to avoiding ground and underground optical cables, power supply or communication cables.