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Twin Shaft Mixer Forced Type


The concrete twin shaft mixer forced type is a spiral belt structure with intermittent space formed by mixing blades on two mixing shafts. The mixing of twin shaft concrete mixer produces three-dimensional mixing along the radial and axial directions, and can form a comprehensive effect of pushing, rubbing and squeezing materials. In a shorter period of time, a higher uniform mixing effect can be achieved with lower energy consumption. And the quality of mixture produce by concrete mixer twin shaft type is pretty good!

twin shaft mixer twin shaft mixers

The concrete twin shaft mixer is one of the leading products of Haomei Machinery. The concrete mixer adopts an oil-free shaft end sealing system and a pressurized upper cover drainage system, it has more advanced technology and better mixing performance. The twin shaft concrete mixer is an ideal model equipment for our customers. There are many models of the twin shaft concrete mixers, mainly are JS500, JS750, JS1000, JS1500, JS2000, JS3000 and JS4000. Customers can choose the suitable model according to the mixing capacity and detailed configuration.

The twin shaft mixer produced and sold by Haomei Machinery has the following characteristics:
1, Oil-free shaft end sealing system
The shaft end does not need to be injected with any lubricating oil, which saves costs, does not pollute the concrete and is convenient for maintenance.
2, Pressurized upper cover launching system
The spraying area is larger, the water is more uniform, and the mixing time is shortened.
3, Famous brand reducer
The reducer imported from professional foreign suppliers has smooth operation, long service life, low noise and no oil leakage.
4, Special protective hoop
The mixing shaft is equipped with a protective hoop to prevent concrete from agglomerating, protect the twin mixing shaft, and make the mixing shaft longer life.