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The Maintenance Steps of Screw Conveyor of Wet Mix Batching Plant for Sale


Screw conveyor of wet mix batching plant for sale is composed of spiral shell part, driving part and the support part. During the maintenance of the screw conveyor, we need to maintain the screw conveyor Partially.
The Maintenance of Spiral Shell:
Due to the shell is not damaged easily in the common case. Only clean the Spiral Shell when the wet mix batching plant for sale stop working as in the case of materials belonging to acid and alkali corrosive substances.
The driving device is regarded as the heart of screw conveyor, which is mainly composed of reducer and motor. The operator must upgrade the oil in a regular time.
The spiral sleeve is a complex of spiral core tube and spiral blade. The spiral blade are wearing parts. When the gap between the spiral blade and the spiral shell part is becoming larger, or the the blade is deformed, there is a need to change the spiral sleeve.
Otherwise affect the material Conveying capacity.Must notice the drive shaft and the connecting shaft of Spiral core tube. To observe the thickness of the spiral shaft sleeve is essential. The screw sleeve is easy to becoming thinner in a long time. In order to affect the concentricity of the screw shaft.
Finally to check the drive bracket Driving part is composed of a drive shaft and connected parts. Must fasten drive bracket in case that the driving part and the body part does deviate because of the concentric spiral.

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