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The characteristics of twin shaft concrete mixer for sale


The twin shaft concrete mixer for sale realizes the effect of uniformly mixing the material by the rotation of two stirring shaft arranged side by side. In the concrete industry, the double horizontal shaft concrete mixer is the best choice for the industry. Basically, the structure form of the concrete mixer used in the production of ordinary concrete is basically the double horizontal shaft mixer. It has the following characteristics:

twin shaft concrete mixer for sale twin shaft concrete mixer

1. Large mixing space
The twin shaft concrete mixer is different from the traditional single shaft concrete mixer in that it has straight horizontal axis. Therefore, in the same mixing barrel, the internal logistics space of the concrete mixer is larger, and the material output of the concrete mixer is also larger.
2. No axle holding
The common concrete mixer has a shaft in the middle, which has a low linear speed when rotating and is prone to agglomeration, with unique structure, which will not produce concrete aggregate bonding and agglomeration on the central shaft to form the holding shaft phenomenon.
3. High efficiency
Speed of stirring: spiral blade arrangement, stirring more intense, stirring faster. Fast feeding speed: the center of gravity of the stirring spindle is on the outside, which can greatly improve the material delivery speed.
4. Energy saving and environmental protection
Energy saving: low peak current, short peak duration, fast mixing time, saving energy consumption by more than 30%. Environmental protection: twin shaft concrete mixer for sale is not easy to produce agglomeration phenomenon, greatly reduce the concrete solid waste.