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Mini Mobile Batching Plant


Mini mobile batching plant is suitable for various engineering projects such as road construction, bridge construction, water conservancy project, house construction and so on. Because of its simple structure, easy to move, high flexibility and high productivity, mini mobile concrete batching plant is widely used in small projects or temporary sites. This kind of concrete batching plant is usually equipped with mixer, measuring system, conveying equipment and other equipment, can produce various specifications of concrete. With a small footprint, flexible and easy to install, high production efficiency, good mixing quality, mobile concrete batching plant can be widely used in road and bridge terminals, water conservancy and hydropower, small and medium-sized construction projects and other occasions, is a cost-effective choice favored by the majority of investors.


mini mobile batching plant mobile batching plant mini


Mini mobile batching plant is a kind of concrete production equipment that can centralize the material storage, weighing, conveying, mixing, discharging and fully automatic control system with a trailer unit. The output of mini mobile concrete batching plant is generally between 20-60 cubic meters per hour, which is suitable for use in small projects or construction sites with limited space. The mobile concrete batching plant capacity generally refers to the amount of concrete produced per hour, and the common models are YHZS25, YHZS35, YHZS50, etc., which correspond to the production of 25 cubic meters, 35 cubic meters, and 50 cubic meters of concrete (theoretical output value) per hour respectively.

The biggest feature of YHZS mobile concrete batching plant equipment is its mobile flexibility. This equipment does not need fixed infrastructure and can easily follow the construction team to move, eliminating the time and cost of building and dismantling temporary infrastructure. This not only improves the working efficiency, but also greatly saves the construction cost, which is especially suitable for the situation of long operation line and irregular working place. The mobile concrete batching plant can be widely used in a variety of large, medium and small precast component factories and highways, bridges, water conservancy and other industrial and civil construction projects, and can mix dry hard concrete, plastic concrete, flowable concrete, lightweight aggregate concrete and all kinds of mortar.

In general, mini mobile batching plant plays an important role in all kinds of construction projects with its convenience and efficiency. And we Haomei Machinery can be your trustworthy concrete batching plant manufacturer whose product quality and service are recognized by market, welcome to leave a message or write an e-mail to inquire our equipment, we will contact in 1 day!