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Leading mixing plant manufacturers from China


Haomei is a leading mixing plant manufacturers from China, we supply high efficiency concrete batching plant with low energy consumption. We do not only supply concrete batching plant stationary type in 25-240m3/h, but also produce mobile concrete batching plant 25-75m3/h. We all know that the concrete mixing plant is composed of aggregate batching system, aggregate lifting system, mixing machine system, weighing system, powder storage and transfer system and control system. Professional concrete mixing plant manufacturers has strict quality requirements on every component.

mixing plant manufacturers concrete mixing plant manufacturers

1, aggregate batching system
Haomei adopt PLD series concrete batching machine to batching and storage aggregate with different sizes.
2, the lifting system
Belt and bucket elevators are generally used, belt conveying type have high efficiency, reliable performance, low maintenance costs, but have susceptible to weather and large area requirements. The skip hopper concrete mixing plant has compact structure and the floor space is small, but the maintenance cost is high and the reliability is poor. At present, large concrete mixing stations are rarely used.
3, the concrete mixing machine
Usually the concrete mixing system of large mixing plant is fully enclosed, equipped with a centralized dust removal device, should consider the cold winter construction requirements, to do the installation of external wall insulation. Simple mixing stations and open mixing stations, due to the harsh environmental performance, there are currently few new commercial concrete mixing plants, which have been banned in some areas.
4, metering system
The currently used measurement method are single and accumulation of two forms of measurement. The concrete batching machine has additive metering structure for easy maintenance, low feed height, high measurement accuracy and the complicated structure of the control unit.
5, Powder storage and delivery device
The quantity, size and configuration of cement silos should match the concrete mixing plant, it is generally determined by the type and material supply. The powder conveying device usually has the following two types: a simple pneumatic conveying structure, uniform feeding, but long-distance transmission is not easy to control the pressure; the conveying distance of the screw conveyor is long, the overall structure is easy to arrange, reliable, and are the most current used.
6, Accessories
The choice of accessories often determines the reliability of concrete mixing plant equipment. General accessories should choose a well-known brand with high reliability, especially the main components. For mixing plant manufacturers, electronic components, sensors, cement butterfly valves, even agitator deceleration, imported components and other lubrication components are more reliable.