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Movable Concrete Batching Plant


Movable concrete batching plant is a kind of equipment that can mix concrete quickly, which is usually used for on-site concrete production tasks such as building sites and road construction. It has the advantages of strong mobility, easy operation, high production efficiency, and can be used flexibly in different construction sites. Movable concrete mixing plant is suitable for small construction projects or temporary sites, and can meet the requirements of projects with small concrete demand and frequent changes. At the same time, due to its strong mobility, it can be quickly transferred to different construction sites to improve the construction efficiency and flexibility.

Movable concrete batching plant usually consists of mixing host, feeding system, control system, storage system and other parts. Its structure mainly includes the chassis of the host, control room, aggregate batching and measuring system, belt conveyor frame, peripheral parts (such as cement silo and screw conveyor) and mixing host, etc. The material storage, weighing, conveying, mixing, unloading and automatic control system are concentrated in one trailer unit. The mixing machine mixes cement, aggregate, water and other raw materials through mixing blades to form uniform concrete. The feeding system is responsible for conveying the raw materials to the mixing host, while the control system monitors and regulates the production process to ensure stable concrete quality.



movable concrete batching plant movable concrete batching plants


The main technical parameters of the movable concrete batching plant include the model of the mixing machine, production capacity, and the capacity of the aggregate batching and measuring system. Options include gravel silo (2 or 4 optional), cement silo, screw conveyor and so on. The external dimensions of all the component transportation units are smaller than the empty container size requirement, and three 40-foot containers are required for the transportation of the whole plant.

Features of mobile concrete batching plant:
Quick dismantling and easy moving:
The mobile concrete batching plant adopts trailer design with additional mobile wheels for easy transfer. When transferring, except for screw conveyor and cement silo, the whole concrete batching plant can be towed and moved when the front end is dropped; when installing, the hardened ground must be leveled, and 30-ton crane is required for dismantling and installing. At the same time, all the control cables do not need to be dismantled, and the removed accessories can be taken away with the plant.
Various operation modes:
The mobile concrete batching plant is equipped with manual, semi-automatic and full-automatic configurations, with free production control, high metering accuracy and automatic adjustment of fallout. Meanwhile, the touch-type industrial tablet PC makes the operation more humanized.
Cost saving:
This movable concrete mixing plant can save the cost of concrete mixer trucks, reduce the transportation time, and reduce the risk of deterioration of concrete quality due to long time transportation. In addition, the quality and caving degree of concrete can be controlled on site, which reduces the waste caused by substandard quality.

Movable concrete batching plant is suitable for all kinds of projects that require frequent change of construction location or short-term construction, such as mobile construction of public railroads, bridges, ports, hydropower and other projects. In road construction and maintenance, as road projects often need to be carried out in different locations, mobile concrete mixing plant can be easily transferred from one site to another to provide timely concrete supply for road construction.

To summarize, movable concrete batching plant plays an important role in all kinds of engineering projects with its flexible movement, easy disassembly and assembly, diversified operation, cost saving and other characteristics.