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Portable concrete batching plant manufacturer


We all know that the portable concrete batching plant manufacturer research and development the product easy to install and the concrete foundation is not needed. The mobile concrete batching plant is suitable for construction sites with long engineering lengths. After a stage project is completed, it can be demolished and transferred to the next route. Then, do you know how to remove the mobile mixing plant equipment?

portable concrete batching plant manufacturer portable concrete batch plant manufacturer

First, pneumatic system disassembly
The main part of the pneumatic system does not need to be disassembled, just remove the powder tank broken arch pipe, the filter, the solenoid valve and the PU pipe connected to the air inlet of each powder tank breaking arch device.
Second, the water pump, admixture pump removal
The pipeline of the water supply system and the admixture system on the main part of the portable concrete batching plant does not need to be disassembled, as long as remove the water inlet pipe and water outlet hose of water pump and admixture pump.
Third, the powder system removal
1. First remove the canvas sleeve connected to the feeding port of the screw conveyor and the cement metering system, and then remove the screw conveyor from the flange of the butterfly valve.
2. Disassemble the joint between the powder tank and the bottom frame, hang the tank, and separate the powder tank bottom frame from the base plate.
3. Remove the powder tank ladder from the tank, and then remove the powder tank accessory (dust collector, level gauge, broken arch, disc valve).
Fourth, the main part disassembly
1. Remove the cement metering system fixing bolts and turn them forward to the transport position.
2. Remove the mixing platform, stairs, railings, and batching plant boards.
3. Lift the batching plant with two car cranes to lift the front and rear parts, remove the bolts at the hinge point of the batching plant legs, fold the legs to the transport position and fix them, then pull the control room up to the transport state and fix it, then drop the mixing station as a whole and drop the front traction pin into the saddle of the tractor to be towed away.